trail of footprints

Pada means foot or part of a poem and implies a step or passage in the course of one's spiritual or holistic life. Padajna is to know these sacred footprints, and pada-viya is the trail left by the pada journey.

I would not think to touch the sky with two arms -Sappho, fragment 52

Me: witchy, feminist, perfumer, curator, writer, former circus girl. reading poetry, studying dreams, exploring forests, reading tea leaves, watching birds, talking to the moon. curled up with tea & blankets.

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The ambient sound of electrons hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s beautiful. Read about it here


Today was all about decorating the house for Christmas listening to 50 Words For Snow by the wonderful Kate Bush. 


Kate Bush: beautiful & weird.


Stargazing in the Canadian Rockies

So, Canada’s pretty nice. Full screen this one, eh?

(by Travel Alberta)

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Aughra: Now, ask what the Great Conjunction is, what’s the Great Conjunction? 

Jen: What’s the Great Conjunction? You tell me! 






Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever [x]

oh my god


Hoooooonk!  Ugh.

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Someone Put a Camera on an Eagle’s Back and Yes, It’s as Amazing as It Sounds

The footage was allegedly shot on a GoPro camera. But who exactly is responsible for the footage isn’t yet known. According to The Local, a French newspaper, “for now, the author of the video remains unknown, but until then we can only watch and admire.”

With wingspans that range up to 90 inches, bald eagles can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour—faster than this guy in the video.


Arborea - After The Flood Only Love Remains (Official Video) 

From Arborea’s new album ‘Fortress of the Sun’ on ESP-Disk’. Filmed by Geoff Ryan 


After the rain the sun will come again
Watch as the clouds all fade away
After the rain the streets will shine again
Out of this fight we all rise again

After the flood only love remains
After the storms have blown away
After the tears only love will reign
After the flood only love remains

I see your face and nothing has changed
Eyes like the sun smiling with grace
Out in the streets your courage remains
Breaking your hands to save this place

After the flood only love remains
After the storms have blown away
After the tears only love will reign
After the flood only love remains

Life is the battle we cannot gauge
Time is a war we cannot wage
Blood is the price we all must pay
Love is the shelter we all must save

After the flood only love remains
After the storms have blown away
After the tears only love will reign
After the flood only love remains
After the flood only love remains…




Jade Wallace, editor of the BUCWC.

Oh my god, I found an old video of me at a poetry reading. There may be a poem about hipsters contained herein. I can’t actually watch it, but I have to post it for old time’s sake nonetheless.


Lovely poetry by Jade.

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Hundreds of Snails Tagged with LEDs at Night

A team of researchers from the Ecology department at the University of Exeter lead by Dr. Dave Hodgson created an experiment to track the movement of snails through a garden at night. The team tagged hundreds of live snails with an array of LEDs and UV paint and then tracked their speed and patterns of movement at night.

You can watch the entire clip here



Happy 50th to Tori Amos

Brooks Falls - Brown Bear & Salmon Cam ↘

This is my most favourite thing right now. The other day before the salmon were jumping, a brown bear wandered into the shallow water, stood staring around for salmon for about half an hour, then laid down in the water like a big lump with his mouth hanging open, for hours. Like the salmon were going to just jump into his mouth. “Get in my mouth, salmon!”

(Not that I’m judging. It was awesome. If someone was to turn me into the animal I am most like, I would be turned into a bear).

What Goes On When You’re Not there (a bear hoedown)

Ever wonder what bears do when we’re not looking? These images were captured with a remote wildlife camera as various species visited a “communications” or “rub” tree in Kananaskis Country, leaving a scent as a form of communication to other bears and animals. The image data is being collected as part of a collaborative study looking at multi-species habitat use within our mountainous landscape. In addition to various wildlife species, millions of people visit Kananaskis Country each year. Alberta Parks dedicates significant efforts to maintaining a positive coexistence of wildlife and park visitors through tools such as our bear shepherding program, wildlife proof garbage bins and superior visitor education.



Terrifying. So, they can recognize & remember our individual faces, they remember our habits & personalities & pass the information among each other & through generations, they hold grudges, & they can imitate our voices.

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First single from Mazzy Star’s new album, their first in 17 years! Very excited. 


"Take good care! There is much sickness around, and we are all working way too hard! Meditate, nurture yourself and breathe." — Roxana Ng

Roxana Ng, Head of the Centre for Women’s Studies in Education (CWSE) at the University of Toronto, passed away June 12, 2013.

Thank you to Heather Reid, PhD student at OISE, for making this video, which was originally shown at the May 29th 2013 memorial at the OISE library in honour of Roxana.

For my colleague at the CWSE, Roxana. It’s nearly six months since she passed away, but it doesn’t feel that long.

I am occasionally quoted in the video, sounding very strained.