trail of footprints

Pada means foot or part of a poem and implies a step or passage in the course of one's spiritual or holistic life. Padajna is to know these sacred footprints, and pada-viya is the trail left by the pada journey.

I would not think to touch the sky with two arms -Sappho, fragment 52

Me: witchy, feminist, perfumer, curator, writer, former circus girl. reading poetry, studying dreams, exploring forests, reading tea leaves, watching birds, talking to the moon. curled up with tea & blankets.

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enchantedengland: It is 9 C in Rye, East Sussex (48 F) and partly cloudy, even though no one cares and I do not know why I do because I am not even there yet. ANYHOO, stare at this gif for ten seconds and you will feel very very peaceful.

~My Hidden Nirvana~



enchantedengland: It is 9 C in Rye, East Sussex (48 F) and partly cloudy, even though no one cares and I do not know why I do because I am not even there yet. ANYHOO, stare at this gif for ten seconds and you will feel very very peaceful.

~My Hidden Nirvana~

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Glastonbury & London, Aug 2014

1-5: The labyrinth at St John’s Church in Glastonbury, in honour of Glastonbury’s 300th anniversary.

6: Back in London. Mermaid Goddess.

7-9: Buckingham Palace.

Glastonbury, Aug 2014

1: Candles for loved ones & dead pets at the Chalice Well Gardens.

2: One of the Holy Thorns that now populate Glastonbury, decedents of the original Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill.

3-5: Chalice Well Gardens

6-10: St Mary’s Church (Our Lady of Glastonbury)

Glastonbury, Aug 2014 

1: The Glastonbury Goddess Temple, one of my most favourite places ever.

2: The altar in the Temple, dressed up for late summer.

3: Two of the nine Morgens who usually live in a circle in the Temple (the nine Morgens are different manifestations of the Avalonian Goddess), & a crone, leftover for the previous week’s Goddess conference, which was crone-themed. I am terribly sad to have missed the conference.

4 & 5: The Goddess who lives in the square outside the Temple. Diana?

Glastonbury, Aug 2014

1-4: The White Spring. My third trip to Glastonbury & I finally got to see the White Spring! It’s run by volunteers & not open often. The White Spring comes from directly under the Glastonbury Tor & is tinted white by calcite content (unlike the Chalice Well spring, aka the blood spring, which comes from Chalice Hill & is tinted red with iron). Sorry for the low quality photos — there’s no electric lighting in the cellar-like building that houses the spring, & you’re not actually allowed to take photos. YES I DID ANYWAY.

5-7: The famous Avalonion orchards & apples.

8: The Cat & Cradle witchy shop, with Glastonbury’s iconic town centre tower reflected in the window. The shop is awesome — lots of occulty goodies & instead of cats they have dogs who hang out (& who are supremely bored when you try to pet them).

9: Glastonbury, enough with the shitty neon plastic dreamcatchers. Please stop.

10: The view from the hostel window. I have stayed in that dorm room three times now; the first time when I was 19.

Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury, Aug 2014 

1 & 2: Myself & a friend at the Holy Thorn tree on Wearyall Hill, with the Glastonbury Tor in the background. This tree is a direct descendent of the tree that supposedly grew up when Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury & planted his staff in the ground. This tree has been badly wounded by people who apparently disagree with its presence.

3-7: The ribbons & charms visitors have hung on the tree.

8-10: Wearyall Hill, a brave little bunny watching us from the undergrowth, & a view of Glastonbury.

England, Aug 2014

Photos 1 & 2: A well in Wells.

3: Some crazy old wallpaper in a shop in Wells.

4: Huge English-style breakfast in Wells.

5: Walking from Wells to Glastonbury, on the old pilgrim route.

6: Passing by another well. Wells everywhere.

7: You’ve walked a thousand miles carrying heavy bags & you’re so tired & thirsty & you just wish you could stop somewhere for a drink, & voila, the Camelot Inn/Pub appears.

8: Walking from Wells to Glastonbury … almost fucking there.

9: Fucking finally.

Schools told to put Paganism in RE syllabus ↘


Wells Cathedral, Wells, Aug 2014 

I took an overnight flight & arrived late morning in London, where I visited the National Gallery & wandered the city for a few hours, then took a bus to Wells. I arrived late & left early the next day & was exhausted, so I didn’t get to see much of Wells.

Photo 6: Missing your head? Don’t worry, helpful pigeon will fill in your neck hole for you.

At the National Gallery in London, Aug 2014.

1: John Constable, Cenotaph to the Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1833-6

2: David Teniers the Younger, The Four Seasons, about 1644 

3: Joachim Wtewael, The Judgment of Paris, 1615

4: Mary Magdalen looking all alchemical. The Magdalen, about 1525

5: Paris Bordone, Christ as ‘The Light of the World’

6: (crap, not sure)

7: Unknown painter, A Man seated reading at a Table in a Lofty Room, about 1628-30

8: Jan Gossaert, A Young Princess (Dorothea of Denmark?), about 1530

9: Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando, 1879. The acrobat Miss La La caused a sensation at the Cirque Fernando in Paris, performing various feats of strength. In Degas’s painting she is suspended from the rafters of the circus building by a rope clenched between her teeth. Degas watched Miss La La perform on several evenings in January 1879 and made sketches and drawings of her act.

10: Paul Delaroche, The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, 1833. Lady Jane Grey reigned as queen for nine days in 1553 until deposed by supporters of Catholic Queen Mary. She was beheaded at Tower Hill early the following year, aged 17. The French painter Delaroche was famous in his day for his scenes from the lives of British royalty, especially those who were doomed or dying.

London, Aug 2014

Wandering around London. Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abby, Parliament buildings, & the Thames.

4,000-year-old pelt found in princess grave reveals bears roamed Dartmoor, England ↘

Andy Goldsworthy - Balanced ice column Helbeck Craggs, Cumbria 5 January, 1985.

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Stonehenge had huge 'stone religious sibling' just two miles away ↘

Archaeologists Confirm That Stonehenge Was Once A Complete Circle ↘