trail of footprints

Pada means foot or part of a poem and implies a step or passage in the course of one's spiritual or holistic life. Padajna is to know these sacred footprints, and pada-viya is the trail left by the pada journey.

I would not think to touch the sky with two arms -Sappho, fragment 52

Me: witchy, feminist, perfumer, curator, writer, former circus girl. reading poetry, studying dreams, exploring forests, reading tea leaves, watching birds, talking to the moon. curled up with tea & blankets.

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At the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre, near Algonquin. 

They have four sister wolves & a newly introduced male (they used to have a larger pack with more males, but there was a tragedy). The black wolf pictured is the Alpha female, & there’s another black female & two light-coloured females. 

In pictures 1-4, the light-coloured female is annoyed because the male wolf wants to play, & they don’t like him. 

Picture 5 is of a sister who was just crashed out the whole time. She did not give any of the fucks. 

Pictures 6-8 are the newly introduced male. He was originally from a zoo in the US & was reared to be quite tame so that he could be used in educational programs for children. That wasn’t a good life for a wolf though, so when this wolf centre needed a new male, they took him. 

Unfortunately, he’s more like a dog than a wolf, & didn’t know that he should act tough when introduced to the females, & they totally kicked his ass. It’s been a month & he’s learned to keep his distance from them, but he’s lonely. 

The guy working told us that this wolf misses hanging with humans, & jumped up on him when they first met. At one point he heard me laugh, & started jumping at the glass to get to me. Poor guy. The girls will accept him eventually, & he’s better off here than in his previous situation, but it’s a tough transition.

Picture 9: the new Alpha female. The previous female Alpha, the male Alpha, & two male pups escaped last year after some horrible person deliberately destroyed layers of fencing & set them free. The female & one of the pups were shot & didn’t make it, & the male alpha & the other pup are presumed dead. 

It’s a really horrifying story, & no one is sure why it happened. It was no accident or casual dare; the release was well-planned. If it was an animal rights activist, it was an extraordinarily misguided action. It seems more likely that it was a hunter looking for easy targets. 

 (read about the release & ensuing saga here). 

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